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Justice for Riders:

We Won't Ride with Fear! No Guns, No Racial Profiling

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Ongoing and Past Campaigns

Stop the Fare Increase! Buy 500 Buses by 2010!

TransLink has approved a fare increase again! We will see at least a 25 cents increase in January 2008. This fare increase is the fourth fare increase since 2000. The fare increase will add to more economic grief to families allready dealing with Skyrocketing rents, stagnating welfare rates and a $6 training wage, which that leave thousands of families struggling to survive in the most expensive region in Canada.

Raising fares is a direct attack on our ability to house, feed and clothe our families.

Join the fight for More Buses & Lower Fares! For the single mom who can't afford the fare; for the low-wage worker who has to spend an hour and a half standing on the bus after a whole day on her feet; for the senior who has to fight through a crowd just to get off the bus - we need more buses and lower fares now!


Ride with Dignity

Buy 500 buses by 2010! Stop Privatization!

Bus Riders are gearing up to demand from TransLink:

  • Buy more buses - Buy 100 expansion buses in 2007; 500 expansion buses by 2010; double the bus fleet by 2017.
  • Stop overcrowding - Increase bus service to meet TransLink's own guidelines.
  • End long waits - Increase bus service so that no one is waiting more than 30 minutes anywhere in the region

Riding with dignity means that bus riders feel proud and safe riding the bus, instead of always struggling to get everywhere, feeling stressed out, unsafe and with little power over our own lives. We need to stand up for what we deserve - a public transit system built on principles of dignity, justice and health for all transit-dependent people!


Bus Riders Win Back Night Owl Buses

In March, 2004, the Bus Riders Union won our campaign, Night Owl Buses: End the Curfew Now! This was a $1.5 million dollar victory for our communities. TransLink has returned Night Owl service on 12 routes cut: Vancouver routes # 6, 8, 9, 10, 15, 16, 17, 19, 20, 22, 24, 35. Despite this victory, however, late night and early morning service is still inadequate. Night Owl routes leave large portions of the city completely unserved, particularly in the suburbs. Bus riders, especially women, need 24-hour transit seven days a week on an expanded number of routes to have guaranteed access to work. Our demand for 24-hour transit is also a demand to end transit racism that further marginalizes people of colour and Aboriginal people already faced with severe economic and social hardship.

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