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How to Get Involved


Want the BRU to document your transit story and archive it with hundreds of other stories as a way to let TL that we're not alone? Fill out a Public Transit Human Rights Violation Form. While it may not seem that important, getting a BRU organizer to write down your transit story is a very important tool to validate bus riders' experiences and to collectivize our common experiences.

Want to learn more about the BRU is all about? Attend a monthly membership orientation where you can share your experiences, deepen your understanding of why we don't have a transit system that serve our needs, and learn about how you can get involved with the BRU.


Monthly Public Meetings:

Want to know learn what our current campaigns are, how you can get involved, share your experiences? Attend a public meeting. Public meetings are a venue for democratic participation from bus riders and members to learn about our campaigns, offer input and sign up for concrete ways that you can get involved. Snacks, bus tickets, childcare and translation in Cantonese & Spanish are usually provided.


Volunteer Your Time and Skills:

  • Like to help out in concrete ways such as mail outs, postering, call outs, typing? Call the BRU and let an organizer know what you're interested in doing or by sharing your skills with us!

  • Interesting in putting your skills for social justice? We're looking for people who have webpage design skills, language skills in Cantonese, Spanish, either written and/or spoken, graphic design, research, urban planning/geography/public transportation.

  • Interesting in putting your artistic/drawing skills to social justice? You can design logos, posters, pictures, stickers, postcards and t-shirts for us!


Make a Donation:

The Bus Riders Union is an independent organization with very little funding. Any financial contributions are greatly appreciated.


Contact Us:

Stop by our office or give us a call.  We're located in the Organizing Centre for Social and Economic Justice at 672 E. Broadway at Broadway and Fraser.  We can be reached by phone at 604-215-2775 or email at busridersunion@gmail.com

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