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Become a BRU member

Over the past 5 years, the Bus Riders Union has built a membership base of over 1000 members, who are mostly transit-dependent people, majority people of colour, and over 300 are women. While we talk to hundreds of bus riders every week, the act of becoming a member is a step many bus riders take to formalize their commitment to the fight for More Buses and Lower Fares and to express their interest in being involved in the BRU. Being a member of the BRU means:

  • You support the fight for more buses and lower fares and
  • You agree with the BRU Basis Of Unity
  • You will receive information by email, mail or phone about upcoming events such as public meetings, actions, campaigns, etc.
  • You identify as being part of the Bus Riders Union

How to become a BRU member:

1. Fill out the form online below
2. Fill out the form and send it to: 672 East Broadway, Vancouver BC V5T 1X6.
3. Call the BRU office at 604 215 2775 and ask an organizer to sign you up. 

Active members have participated in campaign committee meetings, spoken at TransLink meetings, take part in leafleting sessions, attended rallies, participated in street theatre, made cash or in-kind donations etc.


Membership Form

Yes, I want to become a member of the Bus Riders Union!

I agree with the BRU basis of unity

Mailing Address:

I would like to get involved in the fight for more buses and lower fares!

Membership by donation ($0-$20)

* All money goes to supporting the campaigns of the Bus Riders Union for more buses and lower fares.

*To make a donation, please send a cheque to: Bus Riders Union. Our address is 672 E. Broadway, Vancouver BC V5T 1X6.
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