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The Bus Riders Union is a member of the Organizing Centre for Social and Economic Justice.

The Organizing Centre became a reality in August 2006, after more than three years of discussion and planning. Part of the vision of the OCSEJ is to extend the successful model of the BRU to other campaigns and issues. We view broad-based, militant class conscious organizations of the multiracial working class as the building blocks of our movement for a better world. Most recently, OCSEJ organizers founded the Alliance for People's Health (APH). The APH and the BRU are both member organizations of the Organizing Centre.

The OCSEJ, serves four key objectives: 

  • To educate, organize and mobilize working class communities through providing needed services (particularly health care services) and organizing to win concrete gains for most exploited and oppressed within the working class.
  • To create a political, economic and physical space for front line organizers to discuss, debate and develop common strategy.
  • To do research, analysis and popular education that can serve as a basis for launching and supporting class struggle organizations that are explicitly internationalist, anti-racist, and anti-sexist.
  • To train conscious organizers who are committed to the long term struggle for social and economic justice.

For more information, call the Organizing Centre at 604-215-2775 or email bru@resist.ca.


Organizing Centre for Social and Economic Justice Presents...


Initiated by the Bus Riders Union in January 2004, the school draws on the experience of organizers of the newly launched Organizing Centre for Social and Economic Justice to train new and experienced activists and organizers in strategic organizing. The model of organizing emphasizes building a strong understanding of the world around us and a practice that organizes our working class communities around immediate concrete needs and for long-term systemic change.


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Contact the Organizing Centre for Social and Economic Justice at 604-216-2775.

Email us at organizingcentre@gmail.com or drop by the centre at 672 East Broadway (at Fraser).

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